Limited Edition Vivienne Tam HP Laptop

HP Vivienne Tam Laptop

HP Vivienne Tam Laptop

Look out Steve Jobs here comes Vivienne tam. For $699.99 you can be the new it girl with this limited edition HP Vivienne Tam laptop. This computer is gorgeous. I’m sure it’s not as functionally slick as my MacBook Pro, but if your someone like Holly Becker (a fashion forward bloggin’ babe) then why not splurge.

As Vivienne put it, “it’s designed for the woman on the go.”


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One Response to “Limited Edition Vivienne Tam HP Laptop”

  1. missxlollyx Says:

    o Vivienne Tam used to be one of my all time favorite designers. Until I found out from that she is supporting one of the cruelest industries around…the FUR industry. Doesn’t she know that other designers have stopped using fur because they realize how horrific it is for an animal to be skinned alive?!?! See for yourself what Vivienne Tam is supporting by clicking here

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