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Hot Cha Cha :: Handbags by Lori Chalmers

April 15, 2009

Next up on my list of cool artistic biz ladies is Toronto’s handbag designer Lori Chalmers. Like me, she is also a former graphic designer turned full time accessory designer who has hired her pet side kick Louis to help run her business. Her handbag company Cha Cha has been in business full time for over two years. Don’t know why but I think Canada is turning out some really kick ass female fashion designers.

Stella- 3 in 1 Leather Shopper & ASHLEY-Leather hobo with braided strap

Stella- 3 in 1 Leather Shopper & ASHLEY-Leather hobo with braided strap

Check out the online Cha Cha boutique, the Stella- 3 in 1 Leather Shopper bag is on my must have list.


Susy Jack* Contemporary Paper

March 8, 2009

Contemporary Paper

Contemporary Paper

Thanks to twitter, I was inspired by Designsponge’s biz ladies series post :: surviving + thriving in the recession an online blog series that features/helps & women owned art and design-based businesses. I support this series 100%. To help spread the love & support I have decided to start blogging about the female designers & artists that have inspired me.

First up on that list is Manhattan’s  Susy Jack* Contemporary Paper. Be sure to check out her online shop & and her blog called Hey Susy. It’s beautifully crafted & full of fresh fashion finds. Her picks are fantastic. If that’s not enough to impress you, take note, Susan is also a very talented graphic designer, you can scope out more of her work here :: SCD

Stop by again. There will be more fun design/artsy lady posts arriving soon.