His & Hers Drinking Set

October 27, 2009

Get your drink on with Infraredstudio

Show up in style at your next holiday party. Get your drink on with these new pint glasses from Infrared Studio. Available at my etsy shop.


Yearbook Yourself

July 24, 2009

Yearbook Yourself photos.

I thank god for my naturally strait hair & Kirk Original glasses. Note back in the 80’s I did have a perm, but I don’t think I ever looked this dorky in any of my yearbook photos.

Get your look at :: www.yearbookyourself.com

Whip It Trailer…

July 16, 2009

Whip It Movie Trailer !!!

View trailer :: Whip It Movie Written by Shauna Cross & directed by Drew Barrymore.

Riding Giants, Dogtown & Z boys, Thrashin, Gleaming the Cube… It’s about time someone made a movie about women & indie sports. As a girl who has skateboarded and snowboarded since the 1990’s it’s exciting news to finally have a film that focuses on women & action sports. After watching the trailer, I feel like this is a testament to how I felt growing up (minus the beauty pageant & lame mom.)

The cast hosts a line up of many of my favorite female actresses – Ellen Page, Drew Barrymore, Stuntwoman Zoe Bell, Juliette Lewis, and Eve. I also learned that Minneapolis recording artist Har Mar Superstar will have a part as a ref.

Will whip it inspire girls to get involved the sport of rollerderby? If yes contact your local rollerderby team to volunteer or come see us at bouts.

Northstar Rollergirls Jewelry protypes…

July 15, 2009
Rockin it with the best...

Rockin it with the best...

To show my team spirit I prototyped some jewelry ideas for the Northstar Rollergirls. It’s inspired by our team logo…

WFTDA T-shirt contest submissions

July 7, 2009
Infraredstudios Rollerderby Tees

Infraredstudios Rollerderby Tees

As a team member of the Northstar Rollergirls I am submitting two T-shirt designs to the WFTDA t-shirt contest. If picked the tee will be sold at national derby competitions this year. Keep your fingers crossed & skate till it hurts.

Yoga Jewelry Collection

July 2, 2009
Beatiful One of a Kind Hindu Charm Necklaces

Beatiful One of a Kind Hindu Charm Necklaces

A modern twist on historical tribal jewerly. Each piece is one of a kind made with Ancient Hindu Charms worn for protection & strength paired with tourmaline, aquamarine, & labradorite gemstones. Visit my 1000 Markets shop

Bridal Collection is here.

June 26, 2009
perfect for bridal + everyday classic looks.

perfect for bridal + everyday classic looks.

Infrared Studio’s bridal collection is here. Look for modern twists on classic bridal jewelry & wear the collection for a beautiful everyday look. Available here at 1000 markets.

Midtown Farmers Market On Saturdays

May 22, 2009
I will be selling at the midtown farmers market this year.

I will be selling at the midtown farmers market this year.

If your in the neighborhood, come see me. I will be selling jewelry, acrylic laser cut jewelry, bath salts, and other goodies at this years market.


May 23rd 2009
July 25th 2009
Aug. 1st 2009

Lake Street & 22nd Avenue South

The Ride of Silence 09 Minneapolis

May 21, 2009
Jimmy Nisser’s Ghostbike memorial site - ghostbikempls.org

Jimmy Nisser’s Ghostbike memorial site - ghostbikempls.org

On May 20, 2009, 7:00 PM – cyclists worldwide gather in a silent slow-paced ride (max. 12 mph/20 kph) in honor of those who have been injured or killed while cycling on public roadways. Yesterday I rode together in a pack of about 100 bikers along side my brother in law & husband. Sadly biker Dennis Dumm was killed earlier that day on 15th and Park near downtown, which is why I chose to participate in the ride.

The ride stared at 34th & Lyndale and proceeded to the ghostbike location of Jimmy Nisser’s ghostbike, and then on to Dennis’s site where we met his family & friends in tears. This was a very emotional ride for everyone, but powerful. Although those in cars did not understand why a pack of cyclists took the streets, it still made a huge impact, many stopped and watched. The downside is that many spectators thought it was fun to see the group- many of them did not know that this was a tribute to the fallen bikers of the twin cities. Randy, Will, and I rode to Nicholas ‘Nik’ H. Morton’s bike and proceed home. The ride went to St. Paul to visit the last ghostbike of Virginia “Ginny” Heuer.

I often I fear the dreaded phone call, as my husband and many friends commute in rain, heat, and snow via bike to work. Minneapolis has one of the biggest population of bicyclist commuters in the nation and many of the dedicated bikers fight to keep the city streets safe to ride. I have chosen to ride to work in the past and have experienced many asshole drivers who choose to harass bikers on the street, one even who veered close to me intentionally.
Visit ::



Rose Scented Bath Bon Bons

May 5, 2009
Rose Scented Bath Bomb Bon Bons

Rose Scented Bath Bomb Bon Bons

I have been putting together new gift set packages for the farmers market. Everything from handmade bath teas, fancy soaps, lip balm, bath melts, Drawer Sachets… and yes I have even designed the lables and packaging myself.

The idea is to offer up a pretty package ready for gift giving. Sets can be mixed and matched and customized for bridal party or special events. It’s too bad I did not have this ready in time for Mothers Day.

If you like what you see below please contact me, everything you see will be for sale. Prices start at $15 dollars on up. You name the price and I can work with you to create multiple gift sets!